Getting yourself a bag that fits your needs will make your life easier.  You will not be searching for the missing arm pad or glove anymore.  Everything will be stored right in your bag for your next practice or game.  Lax Zone has you covered no matter if your needs are a equipment bag or a backpack.

Lacrosse Bags

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Duffel Bag Black Equipment Bags
Maverik Monster Bag
$29.99 $49.99
Stx Essential Stick Bag Punch Equipment Bags
STX Essential Stick Bag
Maverik Storm Backpack Red Backpacks
Maverik Storm Backpack
$44.98 $59.99
Stx Sidewinder Bag Black Backpacks
STX Sidewinder Backpack
Nike Game-Day Backpack
Nike Game-Day Backpack
Sold Out
Nike Max Air Backpack
Nike Max Air Backpack
STX Challenger Bag 42"
STX Challenger Bag 42"