While not mandatory girls gloves are a great piece of equipment to have.  Cold weather gloves allow your hands to stay warm for those cold practices and games.  Field gloves add a little extra protection against unwanted checks to your hands.  We carry gloves by the most popular manufactures like STX, Brine, Under Armour, and more.

Girls Gloves

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STX Strike Glove
STX Strike Glove
Stx Sultra Goalie Glove 10-Small / Black Girls Gloves
STX Sultra Goalie Glove
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Stx Frost Winter Gloves Large / Black Girls
Stx Breeze Glove Small / Grey Girls Gloves
STX Breeze Glove
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Under Armour Subzero Gloves X-Small / Black Girls
Under Armour Subzero Gloves
Maverik Windy City Gloves Large/x-Large / Black Girls
Maverik Windy City Gloves
$17.98 $35.00